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The department of Botany, IQAC S N College Kannur in association with World Wildlife (WWF), started the Tide Turners Plastic Challenge Programme of United Nations on 12.03.2024. The challenge is designed to inspire young individuals to reflect upon their plastic consumption, discover solutions to reduce this consumption and lead change in their homes, communities, institutions and workplaces. The initiation of the orientation Programme was done byDr.Aparna P, HOD Botany and orientation talks were given by Mr. Sunilkumar C, WWF India Project member and Ms. Anju VN, TTPC Coordinator, WWF India on the topics “Know Your Plastics” and “Tide Turner’s Plastic Challenge”. Mr. AK Shivakumar (WWF Senior Education Programme officer) and Dr Jeesna MV, Faculty in charge of Biodiversity Club, coordinated the workshop and 82 club members were registered for the TTPC.
College Principal in charge Dr.CP Satheeshand IQAC coordinator Dr.KP Prasanth were spoke.