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Quiz Competition on "2047 Vikasit Bharath aur Vikasith Railway"

The IQAC, in collaboration with IISER Pune, covered various topics in today's career counseling seminar for BSc Botany, Zoology, and Microbiology students, including diverse career paths, research and development, academia, industry roles, environmental analysis, healthcare sector, data analysis and technology, and science communication.
Participants: A total of 12 students enthusiastically participated in the competition, showcasing their knowledge and expertise on the subject. Quiz Master:Dr. K.P. Prasanth, Associate Professor of Botany and IQAC Coordinator, adeptly led the quiz session, posing thought-provoking questions to the contestants.
Attendees: In addition to the participants, esteemed faculty members Dr. Aparna, Dr. Jeeshna, Ms. Shaliya, Mr. Dumesh, Ms. Samina Sathyansth, and Mr. Aswin graced the occasion with their presence, providing support and encouragement to the contestants.The quiz competition witnessed an engaging and competitive atmosphere, with participants demonstrating their understanding of various aspects related to the future development of Indian Railways. Dr. Prasanth's insightful questions challenged the participants and stimulated meaningful discussions.After several rounds of intense competition, the winners were felicitated, acknowledging their commendable performance and dedication. The event concluded on a high note, leaving the participants inspired and enlightened about the significant role of Indian Railways in shaping the nation's future.
We extend our gratitude to all the participants, faculty members, and organizers for their active involvement and contribution towards making the quiz competition a resounding success.