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Focus Seminar Series on "India's Living Constitution"

In collaboration with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and PTA, the Department of Political Science organized a seminar series focusing on the topic "India's Living Constitution." The seminar aimed to delve into the dynamic nature of India's constitution and its evolution over time to adapt to changing societal, political, and legal landscapes.
Speaker Profile:
The seminar featured Gireesh Kumar J, an esteemed Associate Professor from the Department of Law at the Central University of Kerala, as the keynote speaker. With his extensive expertise in constitutional law, Professor Gireesh Kumar J provided valuable insights into the intricacies of India's living constitution.
Professor Gireesh Kumar J elucidated how India's constitution serves as a living document, evolving through formal amendments, judicial interpretations, and societal changes. He highlighted key instances where the constitution has been amended to reflect evolving norms and aspirations of the Indian populace. The speaker emphasized the role of judicial activism, particularly by the Supreme Court, in shaping the interpretation and implementation of constitutional provisions.
Landmark judgments were discussed to illustrate how the judiciary has expanded the scope of fundamental rights and redefined the balance of power between different branches of government. Professor Gireesh Kumar J explored the federal structure of India's constitution and its accommodation of diverse religious, linguistic, and cultural identities. He analyzed how the constitution balances the principles of federalism with the need for a strong central authority, emphasizing its adaptability to regional aspirations and demands.
Mr. Sreenish TV, Head of the Political Science Department, extended a warm welcome to all attendees.